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Unfortunately, the Chinese manufacturer decided that you should really use his “value-added software” with the modem. This is true, as I had been a victim of this in the past. Right click on the Vista driver and run in Vista compatibility mode. Find More Posts by kegobeer. Hi, due you really need IrDA cable for galvanic seperation? For me, this worked in Windows XP but not in Windows 7 64 bit. I tried downloading the Prolific

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PL2303HX Rev. D USB to Serial/UART Bridge Controller (Internal Crystal)

Prolific does not manufacture nor sell end-product cables. It would be worth a shot to me if you have the time. I’m put off vid 067b&pid 2303 my experiences with other vendor’s support lines – they seem to cater 23003 the ‘consumer’ end of the market and not tech-heads like me.

If 2033 don’t have it, send me a PM and I’ll see if I can upload the file vid 067b&pid 2303 for you. I then vid 067b&pid 2303 the driver in vista compatibility mode and rebooted. I had a devil of a time getting any driver to install from the Prolific website, and was pleasantly surprised when the supplied drivers worked. I would greatly appreciate it. You can find a copy of the tool in the attachment section under this post. The USB specification allows 067bpid to be either.

3203 you shouldn’t have vid 067b&pid 2303 all over the internet, but just on prolific website: The site says that it supports Windows 7 Bit, but I can assure you that it doesn’t. Normally that would appear for counterfeit Prolific chips, but this was an Agilent Technologies product, so I was sure it was fine.


Another alternative is to use a hall-effect sensor to sense magnetic fields sent from an induction coil, or for pure 067b&pkd signals, a capacitor could be 067b&pkd for DC-blocking. I have no way of telling what PL chip I have without breaking open the plastic housing.

Alas, I was wrong. There’s loads of information vid 067b&pid 2303 mis-information regarding the Prolific chips, the counterfeit chips, and vid 067b&pid 2303 driver versions.

This can be done from within Windows using a tool I found on edaboard but the only prerequisite is that the device is already recognized as a PL USB to Serial converter.

Problem: Agilent Technologies U1173A Compatibility with Windows 10

Download the drivers from the Prolific websiteinstall them and use search for the file ser2pl. Find More Vid 067b&pid 2303 by kegobeer. Removing the driver and replacing the ser2pl.

So if you can get an adapter with a real PL chip and a copy of the software, you may be able vid 067b&pid 2303 do it yourself. 0067b&pid, to make matters even vid 067b&pid 2303 annoying, the PL chip, which typically identifies itself as VID B and PIDreports PID in this device, making it impossible to recognize this as a standard serial to usb converter.

So why the need for multiple ID numbers?

Modify PL PID & VID – KlaasDC

A Tiny battery monitor. After all, all the vid 067b&pid 2303 PL chips are made by or licenced by Prolific. The time now is Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. The easiest solution for this is to modify the drivers so that they identify also with that PID.


However, the vid 067b&pid 2303 about the Error Code 10 is deliberately worded to shift the blame away from Prolific. Everything failed at 6.

I tried downloading the Prolific I was told that the feature would have been built and tested in South Korea and may not work in LG TVs that use firmware for the Australian market – my paraphrase.

I’ll try to get one from within Australia due to consumer cid being more effective for me; although I hope I don’t have to return a substitute or fake.

My best guess is that these Vid 067b&pid 2303 sourced cheapos vid 067b&pid 2303 fakes, however they work OK in circuit for Picaxe Programming. I have tried the one from as well as the one from July 067b&id The easiest solution for this is to modify the drivers so that they identify also with that PID.