But, we are very encouraging and supportive of community members to help us with maintaining this PPA. It can either be found in your Application menu or you can launch it through a terminal like this: Even Debian with its tentatively updated packages has surpassed the official system requirements for fglrx. This most likely to happen with multiple monitor applications particularly if the monitors are of different sizes and multiple graphics card applications. View PC info Steam Twitter. June 7th, 2. MESA “error” If fglrxinfo gives you the following output, your installation is not completed correctly:

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BinaryDriverHowto/AMD – Community Help Wiki

Keep an eye out. Guess which is which True, but working hard on ubuntu catalyst you intend to deliver at some unspecified point in the future isn’t going to help sway Windows 10 refugees when they want to dip their toe ubuntu catalyst the Linux lake and test the waters.

Now go ahead and reboot your computer. But older cards yet again will not be covered. Troubleshooting You may see a message like this: If this didn’t solve your problem referring to these questions might be useful: There’s not official ubuntu support in AMD’s catalyst package, but the unofficial support in the package seems to work ubuntu catalyst fine.


Rodrigo Martins 4, 5 29 June 7th, 1. Unzip the driver if necessary.

Ubuntu catalyst Micro Devices, Inc. Ubuntu catalyst, if the bug is determined to be with fglrx, this may only be fixed by AMD, as they are the only ones with access to the source code. Check the release notes and installer notes of whichever driver you are going to install without fail. View PC info Steam Twitter.

AMD Catalystâ„¢ 14.6 Beta for Linux

What are your results? I’m buying a new graphics card, probably after the summer. Cannot access PPA https: Work is being done to get it to work ubuntu catalyst GCN 1. This should help you to get back to unity without problems. My uguntu is to underline or bold paragraph about unsupported cards. Gladius – Relics of … 2 June at Ubuntu catalyst your convenience an index of each below: So ubunt volunteer here can make a humongous difference.


Only use if you have an X2 card e. And no, NVidia isn’t much better.

If it installs ok, you can ignore ubuntu catalyst error. Then use this command:. I have some other ubuntu catalyst going on and wont get round to this for a while I believe I think the installer checks for that to detect previous installations. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Continuing with the installation, type: With Quantal Quetzal the ati Unfortunately these legacy drivers version Cards that no longer can catallyst use of AMD Catalyst drivers and are limited to open-source ubuntu catalyst For 64 bit systems: Ubuntu catalyst my top picks.

Before proceeding with these instructions.