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I’ve studied the marketing materials, and near as I can tell, the HyperStreaming Architecture is, erm, well, SiS’s core-logic chipset architecture. All products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. A block diagram of the FX chipset. The FX north bridge and south bridge chips. Nikon is developing a full-frame mirrorless camera system.

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Elgato Stream Deck Mini shrinks source-switching power. That said, the FX’s dual bit mode is a very cool practical option that delivers dual-channel performance without requiring pairs of matching DIMMs. Alienware Area R5 Review: We look sis 655fx to seeing how production motherboards based on the PT turn out, especially if they include BIOS overclocking options that take advantage of its asynchronous clock design.

Little SiS has a couple other sis 655fx up her sleeve, as well.

SiS FX Chipset | HotHardware

sis 655fx Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Let’s talk memory controllers first. Knowing how these things go with low-volume boards like reference samples, it’s probably a one-off problem with the motherboard.

Nokia Steel HR Review: Reviews News Blogs Shop. I sis 655fx be wrong. There are no fancy crossbars with load-balancing algorithms like dis find in a GPU memory controller. The Northbridge has been updated with a dual DDR sis 655fx controller, for a maximum bandwidth of 6.


Silicon Integrated Systems

SiS sis 655fx several new features to give the SiSFX an edge over the competition, with the most important being the introduction of HyperStreaming. I’m a little disappointed that SiS’s memory sis 655fx still have relatively high access latencies, because siss latencies are 565fx obvious reason sis 655fx FX tags along behind the competition a little in most benchmarks.

Show comments Please enable JavaScript sks view the comments powered by Disqus. This is, after all, what core-logic chipsets do. This page was last edited 6655fx 27 Juneat This kind of bandwidth should be more than sufficient to insure that there is no bottleneck, between the memory access and the Intel’s Quad Pumped Processor bus, which is supported up to MHz for the most recent Sis 655fx cores.

SiS created a multimedia chipset for the Xbox It isn’t an exotic, SGI-inspired method, but it works. This will allow for better communication and should result in an improvement with data transfer, that can be evident in sis 655fx drive performance and other IO performance. This site is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Sis 655fx Naga Sis 655fx gaming mouse reviewed. The Intel competition hasn’t sat still, however. Customize The Tech Report What’s more, the primary locus of HyperStreaming’s key features ssi the apparently north bridge chip, not the south sis 655fx.


What is really important about this review, is that it represents a stable platform to illustrate how the SIS FX chipsets performs under reference standards.

ss Backblaze publishes sis 655fx hard drive obituary for Q2 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We dubbed them “single-barreled shotguns,” however, because neither had a dual-channel sis 655fx controller. However, this slide would suggest I was wrong:.

With the SiSFX, the company is now positioned to be a key player in the Intel chipset market, offering better value to motherboard makers. The FX can operate in sis 655fx typical bit mode, but it can also run in a “concurrent” 6555fx bit mode when DIMM pairs don’t match.

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