Information setup Machine identification information for the status and alert e-mail functions is configured in the “Information Setup” Sharp produces a variety of projectors, monitors, photocopiers, laser printers, point of sale technologies and electronic cash registers, LCD televisions, mobile phones, fax machines, home cinema and audio systems, microwave ovens, air purification systems and calculators. Cautions on handling the machine Be careful in handling the machine as follows to maintain the performance of this machine. Select the network printer that is shared and click the “OK” button. Select from 2 original types and 5 exposure levels for each original type.

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Follow these steps to view the Help file: Take the charger cleaner out sharp ar-208d scanner holding the tab. The machine can print the following file types: If you ar-208f sharp ar-208d scanner machine in a country other than the country Warning where the machine was purchased, you will need to make sure that your local power supply is compatible with your model.

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The indicator of the selected mode lights copy, printer, scanner, fax mode indicators. Windows Click the “start” button, and then click “Control Panel”.

In other words, the receiving fax machine, not the transmitting fax machine, activates the transmission.

The setting is only effective for one transmission. Problem The scanned image is sharp ar-208d scanner.

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If you wish to select the exposure level yourself, follow the steps below. Set the charger cleaner onto the sharp ar-208d scanner end of the transfer charger, gently slide the cleaner to the left end, and then remove it.


If a transmission is in progress when the clock adjustment time for daylight savings time sharp ar-208d scanner, the clock will not Note be adjusted until the transmission ends. Up to destinations can be stored in one group.

Curled originals may cause misfeeds. Page – key operator programs Page – information setup Page – status message setup Page – alerts scannef setup Page – check the connections Page Page – printer specifications Page – printer driver specifications Page Page Page – Table Of Contents Page Sharp ar-208d scanner the “Configuration” tab.

If Quiet Detect Time is not working properly Be the first to review this product. If your problem cannot be solved by carrying out the instructions in the Check and Remedy column above, please Note contact your sharp ar-208d scanner SHARP dealer.

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Fax numbers designated as Sharp ar-208d scanner Junk Fax sharp ar-208d scanner. For information on paper, removing misfeeds, and replacing the toner cartridge, see the operation manual for the machine. Press the [MENU] key. To install all of the software, click the “Standard” button and go to step On Windows Vista, click “Printer”.

When closing the covers, be sure to close the front cover securely and Caution then close the side cover.


If “0” is entered, the machine will not make any recall attempts. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Page Page – setting up the e-mail print function Page – using the e-mail print function Page – configuring sharp ar-208d scanner setting in the key operato When sharp ar-208d scanner a password for the first time, enter “Sharp” in “Admin Password”.

Cautions on handling the machine Be careful in handling the machine as follows to maintain the performance of this machine. This is ideal for business use and provides a big boost to workplace productivity. With Note other versions of Windows, some screen images may be different from those in this manual. Gently pull the toner cartridge out while pressing the lock release lever.

Sharp AR-208D Operation Manual

When the optional Facsimile Expansion Kit is installed. Depending on the model you have and on the options installed, some of the illustrations in this manual sharp ar-208d scanner be different, however, the basic operations are the same.

Select the network printer that is shared and click the “OK” button. This completes the installation of the software.