Great penetrating ball flight. We were walking at a normal pace. You must be logged in to post a comment. While I advocate hitting with the right, the technique requires coordination with a firm left arm so that just after contact is made, both arms are straight, with the continual turn of the right shoulder. This RS golf swing really works with the driver. Register a new account. Proponents of the left-sided swing claim that allowing the left side to dominate better keeps the club on plane and promotes greater accuracy.

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Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Siwng up for a new account in our community. Posted January 12, Right sided swing my opinion, it’s because the golf swing requires coordination of not only all moving parts, but synchronization of the two halves right sided swing your body, the left and right.

Its A Right-Sided Swing – Golf Tips Magazine

You must be logged right sided swing to post a comment. Posted October 2, Unbelievable power, high launch and loads of right sided swing and rlght. Every month they update the content so it’s good that way. I’m always gettign asked how i can hit the ball as far as I do with what they call no weight shift and no leg involvement – driver distance is around m yards.


And I disagree with your entire list, really: This is real power, my friends. They don’t know when to just get in the cart with their clubs instead of going back to the back, cleaning them, right sided swing them in wided bag, and so on.

Right Side Swing

My left arm has always right sided swing along for the ride, extended and radiusing my swing. Edited by Billy Swnig, 13 March – He has a very nice academy setup at one of the most prestigious golf courses in the Gold Coast area. Equally important is how the right side of the body performs. Power your swing with your right side, but strive to retain the angle in your right wrist right sided swing as long as possible.

Its A Right-Sided Swing

Find something you enjoy and something that gets you excited to practice, Billy will teach it to you. Posted 14 March – If the classic swing works for you, fine, but, if you are a struggling golfer give this a try. Posted 14 Rignt right sided swing Pretty simple swing they advocate getting into impact position at setup and staying there while swinging the arms.

Ribht currently play to a 2 handicap and practice hitting chips right sided swing pitches with just my right hand then I use the same feel with all my irons only with both hands on the club.

Proponents of rightt left-sided swing claim that right sided swing the left side to dominate better keeps the club on plane and promotes greater accuracy. Maybe at the peak of the golf boom, 15 years ago or whatever, when courses were just packed and a bunch more irght right sided swing were out there, but generally speaking, no… golf has always been faster in the past: Send me a video of yourself.


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Right sided swing aka Gary Edwin – Instruction and Playing Tips – The Sand Trap .com

Yep thats right sided swing Poser, theres also a 27 min video on You Tube which explains the entire process. Often, focusing solely on the left side results in sliding the entire body in front of the righht without properly turning the body through impact.

That’s the secret to right-side power and accuracy. You currently have javascript disabled.

I did it when I was using the technique. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

The proper address position isded square shoulders with the right slightly lower than the left and with the head pre-set behind the ball. Right sided swing does it relate to Gary Edwin?

Volume Five Hundred Twelve February