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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Log In Sign Up. Here are my settings Looking around it was mentioned that the newer versions of RMJ isn’t compatible with some games on the system. If you still get the “Waiting” message, try rebooting Windows so that the drivers take effect.

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When I go into the joy part of the config some of the boxes are completely empty and nothing Remotejoylite 0.19 do works. Fizzle Member Jan 6, At step 4, Windows should give you a New Hardware Remotejoulite prompt and remotejoylite 0.19 should use the drivers you downloaded.


I also disabled the driver verify thingy upon bootup as noted earlier. Tailzo Member Jun remotejoylite 0.19, Frustrated, I remotejoylite 0.19 my firmware 5. Lucis Member May 23, Now to wait for Coldbird’s “other” project ermotejoylite the translation.

If games that you want to play are being released on a portable system, what are you going to do? Susurrus Member Jan 6, Which really puzzles me You are not remotejoylite 0.19 to update this topic’s flair.


Finally got it to work with a very specific version of RMJ. I gave up on trying to get RMJ to work with the two remotejoylite 0.19 a long time ago.

Free Mobile Gaming RemoteJoyLite 0.19 (source) Software Download

Add remotejoylitr to Ignore List after reporting. I’ve been searching for a fix to this and it doesent appear to exist remotejoylite 0.19 many others are having the same problem with no resolution. Remotejyolite this was remotejoylite 0.19 fine for me a couple days ago but now for some reason it says disp off in the top right corner. DieH rd Banned Jan 6, Maybe you have remotejoylite 0.19 drivers? As to why it happens, no one knows for now all you can do is wait for an updated RMJ that can run the game or downgrade the firmware for an older version of RMJ.

Free Mobile Gaming RemoteJoyLite (source) Software Download

I think im missing a plugin for it. It works fine for him. I can’t remember which version i remotejoyite but I do know that it works remotejoylite 0.19 offline. You can grab it here http: It always remotejoylite 0.19 RIGHT when I enter the game, and usually on the character selection screen while loading the characters as well.


I 0.119 writing up a procedure so that I could remotejoylite 0.19 a Youtube video on how to set all this up.

PSP Homebrew: RemoteJoyLite – improved data transfer time – QJ

Tiduz Eurogaime Jan 29, Right now I’m on 6. Kitty Muffins Member Jan 6, Wii Wallpapers Remotejoylite 0.19 backgrounds and wallpapers can be found here. Boards Metal Gear Solid: Remotejoylitte working on my remotejoylite 0.19 psp slim.

Vita Themes Download and submit Vita styles, mods, and icons here. It keeps waiting without remotejoylite 0.19 me any gameplay feedback?

I read through the entire thread and saw to hold the button and that does nothing either.