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Sign up with Email. You need to loop through the list and call this for each data record id. Can you share the query you’re using in the ADO. Easysoft helped us solve this issue. Detailed information on that can be found on the ProntoForms page.

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How-To: Integrate ProntoForms with SQL Server with the REST API – ProntoForms Help & Support

The current error message is pronto odbc. Hope this helps youif pronto odbc has a soln to get the pronto driver to work would appreciate it as using the above is painfully slow. Hi, According to error description, it might the problem of miss-match projto input and output datatype defination. Comma-separated set of user Identifiers pronto odbc Data Records must have been submitted by.

I’m able to connect to the Pronto data source, create and preview a query but keep getting the ovbc error preventing me from running the dataflow task.

Any one have any ideas? Can you share the query you’re using in the ADO. Imports System Imports System. Covered pronto odbc US Patent.


Linux ODBC Issue

Pronto odbc, May rponto, 9: Pronto odbc From My Forums. But still the error persists. ProntoForms is not affiliated with, nor has this article been authorized, endorsed or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. You will then need to identify which form you would like to get data for. First you will need to get listing of records for this form. I get the error mentioned pronto odbc when typing the SQL directly, and if I try selecting a table I get: Pronto odbc will never share this with anyone.

Server returned returned status code So you need to install one of these and you should have the corresponding ODBC driver on your client side. Once the dispatch call has taken place you will receive a response from the server on the status of the call.

Accessing Pronto Driver ODBC Connection in Infoview

As you receive each piece of pronto odbc from ProntoForms you will need to modify it in a way which makes sense for the table you are importing into. We arn’t working with live data so reboots can be performed if necessary. I’ve got unixODBC running with several drivers installed: Monday, August 24, 4: What does this article provide?


You need to loop through the list and call this for each pronto odbc record id.

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server R2. Question has a verified solution. GetString 0 ‘nvarchar pronto odbc.

Comma-separated set of Group Identifiers the Data Records must have been submitted by. Detailed information on that can be found on the ProntoForms page. So DB pronto odbc must be listening a specific port and accepts specific cmmnds at that port so the ODBC dirver must be specific to pronto odbc DB server so that it connects the specific port and sends specific commands to the DB server.

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pronto odbc This allows you to deal with how the call went or have access to the dispatched data if from ProntoForms. Sign up with LinkedIn.