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I’m finally thinking of diving into the “buying-your-first-bnew-driver” market and narrowed it down to these. May 09, at That is such a rare and tremendous thing in the market place today as opposed to the way other companies are running their business. Save up to 75 on Titleist Drivers. Thank you Titleist for holding the line and helping to insure the integrity of your fitting products. That said, the adjustment tables are essentially mirror images. Clubs like the Titleist and Taylormade R11 that come with ones then its a case of getting a pro to remove the old one and then reshaft it.

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We should NOT just “suck it up. I’m in the “I have a shaft and want a hosel” boat.

Golfsmith and Golf Galaxy both told me I have to order a new shaft directly from Titleist with their surefit adapter.

I’ve grown out of my current driver taylormade r7. Extremely happy with the club and I’m reshafting the for my son tonight. It’s the same with your adjustment system and the screws.

If the ferrule is destroyed or mangled Golf Smith sells replacement ferrules with the exact tip size and outside diameter to match the adapter without any turning. JPY 13, Just sent one of these drivers with a Wave shaft to longtime. It will be going into the driver I’m currently gaming – a Titleist D2 with a 1 inch.


I am thinking about switching my driver shaft to a heavier model. I appreciate your point of view, but need to play a little “Devil’s Advocate.

With my previous driver different brandI had been fitted with a ProForce V2 shaft my new D2 said that all D2 reshafting had to go through Titleist. I’m looking to change my driver shaft flex from an R flex to an S flex. He guys, I am looking to reshaft my driver.

Titleist D4 8. Sadly for that, TM deserves my business and I am left with inferior equipment. So you can’t reshafft a normal person to adjust a club without messing up the screws so you recomend a PGA professional do all the adjustments.

How to Reshaft 910 Driver (adapter sure fit question)

LuckyGolfer, on 25 January – Hey there, i recently got fit for a titleist d3 but i’m not liking the head. It’s usually it’s the opposite- sign a contract and the ritleist PAYS them to game their stuff. Based on Nix’ quote that you can reshaft it, my guess is Titleist local will warranty it as long as done by a Master clubmaker. Titleist quality, TM ease of reshafting, and Adams ballspeeds. Do you guys think I should reshaft it with titlejst bigger shaft or just get a new driver?

If trying new shafts is tutleist of that enjoyment and if Titleist won’t supply our needs, we need to vote with our feet and switch to others, who have wised up and begun selling the adapters.


Titleist 910F 17 degree reshaft

Item Location see all. Buying Format see all. May 08, at No need to be fancy, just an overview. How can they fix it?

Just about to list them for sale, as I liked the original 75 gram shaft better. Tit,eist order to ensure the quality and optimal performance for Titelist products we are only providing SureFit Tour Hosels when installed directly from our facility.

Reshafting F bore thru – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

These are not distributed from Titleist. You have the best equipment by far yet lack the foresight to see how this continous cost on the consumer to upgrade into your equipment will hurt in the long run.

Meanwhile, I have two extra shafts made for my fairway woods Diamana Ali’i R, 65 grams by the titliest tour van. Titleist needs to understand that their business to make us, the customers, enjoy our golf more.