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As to the point driver, are you talking about the cast metal driver that shoots diamond points? You can insert and remove boards, glass, etc over and over with pneumatically fired points and they’ll stay put – and you MAY be able to pull the points out by hand, but it won’t be easy at all. I have had this problem once in the last 3 years. It’s not a money issue. I suspect that it is the points or the glue that holds the stacks of points together.

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This tool uses Flexible Framer’s Points that bend upward, then bend flat down again to the surface for a secure, tight hold.

It should not be torn in any part of it. Add Items to My Cart Factory-Shipped Items The following items are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Want to manage your lists? That has happened to me three times in the past, but not lately.

Fletcher FlexiMaster Framing Tool – BLICK art materials

If you buy a new tool that does not function properly, find out what’s wrong and if it is defective, get it replaced. So I have two fleximaeter. That seems to help quite a bit.


I could totally strip and assemble the manual v nailer, because I had to, regularly – I wouldn’t know where to start on the pneumatic one, because I’ve never had to. I had quite regular jamming problems on both – they were quite easily sorted out but the time came, on both, when they had to be replaced – maybe components could have been changed – I don’t know or care, the guns are not exactly expensive.

Since I can’t do anything They jammed up the point driver all the time. Please allow additional time for delivery. Some times when they don’t really know what cuases a break in the gun I fugure they say something to make me happy!

At one time I had a manual v nailer – I had to push the moulding legs together by hand and then press a foot pedal.


Baer CharltonSep 8, Randall C ColvinSep 4, I had 4 flwximaster me since the first 2 always gave me problem since I bought them 5 years ago. I mail them to Fletcher in Ct. JWBSep 4, Is that what is called a “Telephone Tree”, Brother Baer? United has reworked my Fletcher guns several times.


Prices, promotions, and availability may vary by store, catalog, and online. Like Peter, I have a green Flectcher not a Flexi-Point that take both triangular and diamond shaped points.

The warranty is generous and fletfher applied. FT don’t mind that their points will fit others’ guns.

Fletcher FlexiMaster Point Driver

The tension is adjustable to the density of the frame’s wood. I have had this problem once in the last 3 years.

The tool is not inexpensive and it should funtion properly. Parts available from United. I’m pretty sure the Cassese arrow head points fit the flexi master. Wonder if this was the precursor to the jam. The green manual fletvher. These guns jambed from day one when they where brand new.

Tell me more about lists By a quick count, four in this thread have said a point driver has jammed for an unknown reason.