Excellent Nero software bundle. In this review however, we will be taking a brief look at how the performs as a DVD burner. BenQ’s Tilt Control always keeps the writing angle at 90 degrees to the disc’s surface to ensure uniform writing. The technology also requires special coated media, which, as we wrote this, had not yet begun shipping in DVD format, only CD. Scrawling song titles with a marker is a primitive solution, and printing directly onto the surface of a disc is expensive and requires specially designed printers and media. Although our early production test unit seemed capable of printing only at dpi BenQ states that it should support 1,dpi output , graphics, half-toned photographs, and text were wonderfully sharp and free from artifacts. Announced last January by Hewlett-Packard, LightScribe has already been integrated into the internal drives built into HP desktop and notebook computers, as well as into a few pioneering aftermarket rewriters from such vendors as LaCie, Toshiba, and BenQ.

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The DW also boasts competitive performance and ships with a terrific Nero 6.

BenQ DW1625 LightScribe

In fact, Yamaha Electronics was bemq first to pioneer laser labeling for the general public through its DiscT 2, which at application level, is fundamentally similar to the mechanics of HP’s LightScribe. The drive is available in two colors, beige and black. As you can see, this is a retail package that will satisfy most users. Both methods use laser instead of ink, are practically free of alignment issues and have no known adverse lithtscribe on the spin characteristic of media that could result from peeling – a recognized wear and tear weakness of adhesive labels.

About the Author Don Labriola. We received the beige colored drive. Creating label art was cumbersome with the unwieldy first-generation LightScribe utility that comes bundled with the BenQ drive. To understand this, we’ll need to delve a little deeper into the technicalities of LightScribe and to help us demonstrate the new labeling technique is BenQ’s DW, one of the first LightScribe drives to hit the retail channel and the first to make its way into our lab.


As with all new breakthroughs of optical storage, speedy mass acceptance is directly influenced by media availability and this was to be a major hiccup to the rise of HP’s LightScribe technology. For comparison reasons, we will be reviewing the DW against two other similar in specs drives, the Waitec Action 16 and the LG B. The labeling process took a fair amount of time at the highest-quality setting: CD performance was outstanding.

LightScribe labels will fade with time. Our unit’s 40 by 24 by 40 engine recorded a minute Video CD disc image in 1: Become a fan of PCMag.

If LightScribe sounds intriguing to you, we consider the DW a cost-effective way to audition this fascinating new technology. CD Recording Tests 6. You may use these tags: The current implementation supports only monochromatic output and doesn’t produce true blacks; a color version isn’t expected for some time.

BenQ Lightscribe Dvd-rw CD DVD Writer Burner Black DW Parallel ATA IDE | eBay

The DW delivered superior recording performance, burning a 4. By using these features, the DW is able to maintain perfect control over both the laser beam angle and the power rate being projected onto the disc, ensuring every bit of your data is written at the best possible quality.

Of all the probable explanations, the most compelling one would have to be the lethargic pace of adoption by media manufacturers. Announced last January by Hewlett-Packard, LightScribe lightscirbe already been integrated into the internal drives built ,ightscribe HP desktop and notebook computers, as well as into a few pioneering aftermarket rewriters from such vendors as LaCie, Toshiba, and BenQ.


Lines and paragraphs lightscrube automatically. Unlike other drives which preset the writing power before the actual writing of data, the WOPC II Walking Optimal Power Control algorithm evaluates the writing quality constantly and adjusts the writing power accordingly, in order to ensure the best possible writing quality over the entire disc. More DVD burner reviews: Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

The main feature of this drive is the LightScribe technology. As impressive and exciting LightScribe was upon its introduction, the technology was not entirely the first of its kind to set in motion the idea of etching personalized labels onto burnt discs. Despite these caveats, we were impressed with even this earliest version of the technology. Firing up our DW evaluation unit revealed that despite its strengths, LightScribe isn’t perfect.

About Privacy Contact Us. Instead of relying on tailored adhesive paper labels that are highly prone to peeling, fading and where colors and text could get smudgy when wet, LightScribe aims to create permanent and professional looking labels that are very much free of all lightscgibe drawbacks faced by its stick-on counterparts.

The image wasn’t quite as dark as we’d have liked, but otherwise its quality was superb.