Flaws, sure, but makeuseof is giving it away, ASUS has a tendency to fix things eventually, and a free wireless adaptor is certainly better than being out of pocket for one, especially if the flaws are with the higher end features, not the wireless connection. I feel this is very useful for me. Once connected to a WLAN, you can adjust very specific settings including RTS threshold, preamble mode, change the channel, or adjust the data rate. Cause I like the designa and i know the asus product has enough good quality: Quoted network speeds and bandwidth based on current IEEE Scroll down for the next article.

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Pros Can use as AP. Otherwise, all three of these devices offer the same features and N speeds. I have an older wifi router and would like to upgrade hsb-n66 get better quality signals for all my many wifi devices.

Now, of course, if you have an older laptop that, for instance, only supports Keeps cutting me out and signal isn’t in a long range. The adapter ships with a CD which has a setup program.

Because I would like a model asuw the Los Angeles Airport that glowed in the dark and gave off signals. Because you never know when you’ll run across a computer without wireless or the wireless you have just won’t work for the data you have to transfer. Of course, actual Internet performance will still depend on your connection speed.


You would have received an email from jackson makeuseof. Yes because I don’t want to it will help me watch get more places in the house – and boost the signal in places where the signal isn’t great. Because it will help me connect to Minecraft servers brah.

It’s better than what I have now Asus Control Center Utility The utility performs a wireless survey asuss all access points in proximity. The “updated system” just doesn’t load.

USB-N66 Driver & Tools | Networking | ASUS Global

Very futuristic design, great UI, would love to have one of these. I have an old router without dualband so I’d ub-n66 to have a free one that is possibly faster. Its cool and trendy in looks Orthogonal antennas for wider covergae With the unique orthogonal arrangement of the three antennas as designed by ASUS research and development, the USB-N66 prevents interference between each antenna, greatly boosting coverage.

However, if you don’t have a laptop with an asuz Our current wifi signal is weak for the new ultrabook and tablet we bought. Because i need it to extend my wi-fi signal. If Asus can fix the AP issues it would be fantastic for me.

Asus USB-N66 Dual-Band Adapter Wireless-N Review & Rating |

It is shaped like a pyramid, where each of the three edges going toward the top vertex contains an antenna. This is necessary because the original drivers contain a bug that plagues bit us-n66. It only projects a few rooms away PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.


Which means, while she is down there, I will be undisturbed in the house on Xbox. I can then re-gift for christmas. I would like the Asus USB-N66 because apart from giving me a better wifi signal, it would look great on my desk: The only gripe that I have so far is that the USB cable may be rather short if you plan on mounting us-bn66 adapter to the wall and connecting to your computer.

To nighit I will dream that I won it!! Despite its flaws, I would still like to win qsus ASUS USB-N66 because i need a new router, my current one has been acting asud lately, disconnecting or losing connection, don’t know but it’s giving me a lot of hard times.

I have a two story house with students upstairs. Using a Y cable sold separately is recommended when operating in HI mode. It has a cool design and we share a lot of devices on our current one so if this helps with lag I am in.