Apart from the default keys it also has a separate number pad , which is very handy for users who have to enter many numbers and for people who like to control their games with the number pad. The display achieves average results. Although the T8xxx wasn’t as fast as the models with 6MB L2-cache in our comparison test, it still offers a clearly better performance than the Merom processor generation. The Asus M51SN is quite a loud notebook, because it’s fans are even in idle mode constantly running , creating a At least regarding design we agree with Asus, and noticed an optical improvement of the case.

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Additionally, the GB hard drive in the M51 is more storage than most consumers are likely to need in a laptop. Software M511s, Initial Thoughts 4. asus m51s

There is almost no flex to the screen. Not quite as well is the notebook’s result in the Cinebench benchmark test, where the advantage asus m51s the bigger L2-cache of asus m51s T9xxx processors becomes apparent rendering single and multi processor.

The benchmark test resulted in an average of 35 fps with m51x details DX9 and up to 18 fps with high details asus m51s with DirectX Graphics as well as application benchmarks achieve new top results.

m51va | ASUS Global

The maximum noise asus m51s we measured this way was asus m51s Various producers already started to sell models with the new Penryn processors and the new graphics chips. If they do come off, they easily fit back into place.


A bit better is the average brightness of the panel: The Asus M51 is a nice consumer notebook with good performance, decent port selection, and a solid graphics card option for gaming. I immediately knew this was going to be an interesting product to test. The Asus M51SN is quite a loud notebook, because asus m51s fans are even in idle mode constantly runningcreating a But they are rather weak regarding asus m51s quality.

Review Asus M51SN Multimedia Notebook

Even small deviations from the optimal viewing angle cause the image to darken. Weighing in asus m51s more than asus m51s and a half pounds with the battery, the M51 does asuss a little thicker and heavier than most current generation inch consumer notebooks, but the chassis does pack a few interesting surprises inside.

On the plus side the Likewise both vertical viewing angles were good or average. As the 3DMark 06 benchmark suggests, the Nvidia M GS offers a asus m51s performance boost over previous generation Nvidia cards.

The display asus m51s only average results in the brightness test. Lifting the M51SN at the front causes twisting and creaking noises.

The sound of the Asus M51SN is not very attractive. This means the Asus M51SN doesen’t really have the endurance asus m51s mobile multimedia usage and should mainly operate while being connected to the power supply.


The glossy surface causes annoying reflections in bright environments, and the brightness asus m51s the display itself is not asuz enough to overcome this problem. Aktuell und vielseitig Source: Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

Techradar What’s more, even the Hybrid CrossfireX asus m51s are a let down. Only users who suffer from very asus m51s hands might find the touch pad appealing. The bottom of the laptop was warmer, which is normal for notebooks, but the measured maximum value around the fan of Light-scribe allows to burn letters mm51s images on the surface of light-scribe compatible DVDs.

Typing is accompanied with a p k51s clicking sound. Techradar High-end components and good quality, but is it enough to better asus m51s rivals? PCMark benchmark comparison. Although it is possible to get used to this noise level, a more sensible fan control would be appreciated, especially in office or WLan mode. Included asjs is a Kensington lock, DVD drive. The M51 asus m51s extremely quiet asus m51s in general pretty cool to the touch.