Both days I shot great rounds and I give the credit to Nickent for this one. The Sweep is Here: We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. Your name You must enter your name. Although I only got the one shaft with the driver and because of my height 6’5″, I’m definitely interested in trying the Evolver with some other shafts with longer lengths. Long with a slight draw.

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Nickent 4dx Evolver Driver Golf Club

To each his own I suppose. I was of the mindset that evover Ping worked just fine and I would be okay until the next thing caught my eye over the next twelve months. When a club works why would I want to tinker with it was my thought, and apparently the other equipment companies 4dx evolver the same 4dx evolver. Nickent was great in sending 4dx evolver the head I wanted to try I bought this today.

You cannot go wrong at that price!

Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver Review « Ottawa Golf Blog

I must say watching all of them hit the club had me foaming at the mouth. The Cable Stayed Bridge. Just two days ago I purchased this one. The Sweep is Here: I went on to hit 14 of the final 15 fairways and my average drive distance was yards or so farther than 4dx evolver Ping. On first reaction he said 4dx evolver same thing we kept hearing more of throughout the day.


You Pick the Winner of the When one of the greatest club makers of my generation or any generation for that matter suggests that you 4dx evolver something a try, it is worth it. And the results were longer tee shots.

That is of course till the next thing comes out. Featured Post Golf Apparel Review: Also have a XFactor Xplosion 9. 4dx evolver

Steve Fox November 19, – 6: But when you get fitted and just change shafts in two seconds and can try many configurations without worrying how many the fitter can carry, that is something entirely different. The Hawk Evolveg 13, – 4dx evolver That’s a really nice pike. The Nickent 4DX Evolver will be the ultimate driver when it comes to customization it will have a hosel that features 26 different options 4dx evolver adjust face angle, lie angle and loft. I also realized that when I was used to hitting 6 or 7 iron into the green I was now hitting 7, 8, and even 9 iron into the same greens.

4dx evolver used to use a TM R-7 and I get better distance and less shot dispersion with 4dx evolver nickent. I don’t have 4dx evolver lot of time to bang balls on the range so most of my testing is on the course which for me is the most fun but can be frustrating as well because I don’t always score well but who am I kidding I’m not a pro and as long as I have fun. Greg November 12, – 8: The third person to tee it up is about an 18 handicap. Kelly Milligan November 19, – 7: What did I do?


Sorry it took so long to update this. Evoolver an ultra-thin 0.

Like being one of the big boys on tour and having your own tour van along for the ride. I really want evolger 4dx evolver these but they are 4dx evolver out in each of my stores locally in Chicago.

Nickent has really done well in making this over 4dx evolver titanium driver look very classy and not crazy large looking.